Careva cuprija
Restoran Careva Ćuprija

Our story:

Restaurant Careva Ćuprija is traditional ethno restaurant dedicated to long serbian history, and it’s considered as one of the Belgrade monuments. In 1847. one of the most popular serbian politician Ilija Garašanin mentioned “Mehana kod Careve Cuprije” as one of the Belgrade state assets (treasure).
Exactly the same place, 150 years later, we continue with a long tradition of real serbian old fashion restaurants, just as it was before, with an emphasis on authentic ambience and traditional serbian food. We are pleased to do this for last 18 years and we’re proudly continue with this tradition.
National cuisine restaurant Careva Ćuprija offers a huge selection of Serbian domestic dishes, prepared in an old fashioned way. Our speciality is dishes “ispod sača” (traditional way of making food in oven), such as homemade bread, potatoes and roasting, which give each meal a special juicy taste. Barbecue and grilled roasting are unavoidable dishes of every real Serbian restaurant, as well as our, and there are also traditional ready-to-eat dishes along with cold appetizers. The list is long, so we invite you to visit us and choose your new favorite dish! We also have special children's menu.
Rich drink card consider a large selection of domestic and foreign, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but we are specially proud of our wine list which contains 160 domestic and foreign wines sorted by region, which is a true treasure for all wine lovers.
We are proud that our regular guests are many important and famous Serbian names from science, education, acting, directing, sports, music, politics and other public spheres, which reminds us of the good old atmosphere of the traditional Serbian old fashion bars, when restaurants were the hubs of the true Serbian elite.
Our excellent musicians are responsible for a great atmosphere, with music repertoire which lead our guests to some distant, perhaps forgotten corners of Serbian traditional music.
Careva Cuprija works every day from 9 to midnight.